We believe New Work can do more for you than it does currently.

Hi, I’m Nicole Anzinger. For me, New Work means consciously shaping collaboration. As a Change At Work Coach, I accompany companies, teams and employees in the development of new ways of working: digital working, using agile methods, making better use of time in meetings and strengthening the personal responsibility of teams are just a few examples.

I am looking forward to your nicole@anzinger-change.de

Nadja Petranovskaja New Work Coach

My name is Nadja Petranovskaja. I make people enjoy going to work on Mondays. As a psychologist, I’m very interested in what it takes to make sure that everyone can look forward to their working day. In the 1000 and one possibilities that New Work offers, I find new answers to this question every day.

My passion is also to bring complex content into understandable forms, which is why I created the Wondercards.

You can reach me at

Besides the New Work Toolbox, which was our original project, we started an online training for the New Work Guide in November 2020.