We’ve created the New Work Toolbox in 2019. It consists of a booklet with instructions, trends self-assessment and overview of value propositions. The core of the equipment is a deck of cards that helps you to RETHINK new work. Our New Work Maps will lay out your journey and focus your efforts.

Here, in our download section, you can download Creative-Commons licensed parts for first concrete steps in your community.

Hybrid Work Canvas – for all teams and companies who want to decide now how they want to arrange the split between time-synchronous office work and asynchronous remote work.

Why New Work – a short explanation where New Work comes from and why it is on everyone’s mind.

New Work Trends – the self-assessment questionnaire – whether you are alone or in a team, you can use it to determine your starting position to initiate your journey. (for more information about the individual trends/dimensions use the cards included in the New Work Equipment).

Blue and red working world – coming from different sources, this is a helpful overview about what is the difference between the working world, we know from the past and the one we expect for the future.

The value proposition of New Work – an overview of the possible goals/qualities of your company to be achieved. (For more information on the individual value propositions use the hexagonal cards from the New Work Toolbox).

We did release something … exclusively! in English. As part of the “New Ways Of Working” playbook by Mark Eddleston we created three practices for the future work:

If you need more, much more – we do offer a self-paced New Work Guide online course, start whenever you want and stay as long as you need! Book your ticket HERE.

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PS: Please pay attention to the notes on the license, thanks!