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Downloads with cc license

Here you can download Creative-Commons licensed parts of the New Work equipment for free. Please pay attention to the notes on the license, thanks!

Why New Work – a short explanation where New Work comes from and why it is on everyone’s mind. (coming soon)

Self-assessment questionnaire – whether you are alone or in a team, you can use it to determine your position in the New Work field. (for more information about the individual trends/dimensions use the cards included in the New Work Equipment).

Blue and red working world – coming from different sources, this is a helpful overview about what is the difference between the working world we are leaving behind us and the future.

The value proposition of New Work – an overview of the possible goals/qualities of your company to be achieved. (for more information on the individual value propositions use the hexagonal cards from the New Work equipment). (coming soon)

This download page is updated regularly. So if you need resources for New Work, feel free to drop by.

If there are any good resources you would like us to include here, please let us know!

Nadja and Nicole