Experimenting and adapting

What does experimenting and adapting mean?

Long analyses and the search for objectivity with a simple yes/no basis for decisions do not work in the complex world. The pretended security and long-term plans become obsolete after only a few weeks.

Thus, not only is a great deal of effort put into this, but also prevents flexible responses. Thereby, adaptability in complexity is much more important than accuracy.

In New Work, companies focus on experimenting and empirically exploring the future. New results emerge little by little, through courageous and error-friendly action. In this way, a truly learning organization gradually emerges.

Statements on this trend

Which of the following statements apply to your work environment? Think of concrete examples.

  • We test our assumptions early, internally and with our customers
  • We adapt our plans to changing customer requirements and context conditions
  • We are prepared to meet uncertainty with experiments and learn from our mistakes across teams
  • Our processes and structures give us stability without restricting us

What conclusions have you drawn for you here? Share it with the whole community! So we all learn together. This can also be an experiment!