Freedom and trust

What does freedom and trust mean?

In today’s companies, employees are often motivated with bonuses and top-down objectives and developed as a cohort for the benefit of the company and in centrally defined career paths. Work is measured in hours and performance is judged on compliance.

In New Work, companies act on the belief that all people think and act responsibly. Therefore, they are not driven by extrinsically oriented rewards, but by trust, autonomy and the opportunity to show their qualities and live in a meaningful way.

This trust is supported by a free choice of work location and working hours and the promotion of individual development. In New Work, each individual employee takes responsibility for himself, his life and his private and professional goals.

Statements on this trend

Which of the following statements apply to your work environment? Think of concrete examples.

  • We can take on challenging tasks and are allowed to make our own mistakes in order to learn
  • We are empowered to implement own ideas and seize new chances
  • We can decide for ourselves when and where we do our work
  • We bear responsibility for our individual life models

What conclusions have you drawn for yourself here? Share it with the whole community! So we all learn together. This is also trust!