New Work, New Work!

The New Work equipment is a professional set of must-have materials and tools for teams dealing with New Work and for consultants/coaches who advise clients on New Work. The English version is currently only available as a virtual package (PNG/PDF).

New-work Anzinger Petranovskaja

What is in for you in the New Work Toolbox

In our work with teams and companies, we have found that there is a lot of confusion on the subject of New Work: What is right? What is wrong?

What is New Work? What exactly can a small or a large company actually do? And what is the use of it all? Who needs the New Work?

In order to provide quick answers to these questions, we have compiled a box from the numerous information and materials available, which we call “New Work equipment”.

We believe that this will help everyone to find their way through the information jungle.

Pick’N’Mix your New Work

Where are we?

Find out where your team or company stands with the help of a questionnaire. Cards with the questions and explanations of the eight trends are enclosed.

What’s the point of New Work?

Use the value proposition overview and cards to find what is most needed in your company. We strongly believe that New Work is customizable.

Now what?

If you have answers to the first two questions, you can build your New Work with the help of the numerous tools, methods and suggestions.

This is how to use the New Work Toolbox:

New Work Toolbox EN 3 ways
New Work Toolbox Overview

Start where you are
The 40 pages booklet provides you with guidance how to start your New Work Journey.

Let yourself be inspired by structures and questions. Together with an explanation of why New Work came into being in the first place, there are a lot of thought-provoking impulses.

In the three New Work Maps, you are invited to immediately start your discovery. From the very first Aha-Moment to your rock solid experiment in the Test and Learn Canvas, there are various possibilities to get in action.