Radical transparency

What does radical transparency mean?

Managed information flow leads to loss of information, but also to a flood of information with irrelevant details. Many meetings are used for pure information transfer. There is no time for collaboration and decisions.

In New Work, a company thrives when it lives the radical transparency. Information is available in the pull principle for responsible action.

In practice, this means providing company-wide access to strategies, (key) figures and documents in real time. Only if every employee understands how the company’s profits are generated and what costs are incurred in the processes, can they take responsibility and think and act in an entrepreneurial manner. Furthermore, radical transparency creates equal opportunities and fairness.

Statements on this trend

Which of the following statements apply to your work environment? Think of concrete examples.

  • We understand the company goals and recognize the consequences of our actions (for customers, company goals and colleagues)
  • Targets, areas of responsibility and work results are visible and transparent
  • Everyone equal chances to develop themselves within the organization
  • We share ideas, knowledge and expertise and develop them collaboratively

What conclusions have you drawn for you here? Share it with the whole community! So we all learn together. This is also New Work!