Team networks

What does the Trend Team Network mean?

Coming from Taylorism, hierarchical, separating structures became the standard. These often have competing goals and separate reporting structures that make real cooperation difficult.

New Work thinks in terms of structures of value-adding teams and creates flexible possibilities to design work in teams and team networks as co-creating units. The responsibility for results is returned to the teams, which thus become the central structural unit and follow new decision-making patterns.

Such team networks (sometimes including external teams) are usually interdisciplinary and are more responsive and customer-oriented than the silo structures we are familiar with.

Statements on this trend

Which of the following statements apply to your work environment? Think of concrete examples.

  • We work in small multidisciplinary units, even across company boundaries
  • We act autonomously with end-to-end responsibility
  • We design roles and processes to facilitate collaboration and coordinated action
  • We adapt team structures flexibly  to customer needs and required expertise

What conclusions have you drawn for yourself here? Share it with the whole community! So we all learn together. This can also become a team network!