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We can grasp many things with our mind. However, we are much quicker and more intuitive when we take something in our hands. In our case, it is the New Work Toolbox that makes your work tangible.

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We educate New Work Guides so that exploration of the many possibilities becomes the norm in every company and every team. We believe that everyone can do New Work.

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New Work starts differently for every company. For some with foosball and colourful furniture, for others with a bar camp and heated discussions about leadership culture. 

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We give you 1000 and one chance to design your future of work.

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who we are

Work today limits us more than we should tolerate. However, we seem to find it quite difficult to detach ourselves from this toxic monster and create something that fills us with joy and pride every day of the week. On our curious journey of exploration, we discover new ways of understanding and transforming work every day. We love to share these possibilities with you!

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We only promise two things: that you will have fun and that you can start immediately.

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Deine New Work Toolbox

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Become a New Work Guide

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What others say about us

I think the structure of the New Work Guide course is great. I always look forward to it because of the great variety you have brought in. In terms of methods, I give you 5 out of 5 points.

Ruth Schäfer

Nadja and Nicole did a great job of putting together the content of the training. The inspiring and further-reaching feedback and comments were very valuable. A real benefit. Thank you for that!

Stefan Müller

Systemic Coach, New Work Guide

What I really like about the Toolbox are the individual reflections and the structured approach. I always notice how concrete and comprehensible “New Work” becomes with the Toolbox!

Astrid Varchmin

Radically, NZ

I can highly recommend Nadja and Nicole’s training to all those who want to enter into the topic of New Work in a differentiated and unagitated way. For me, it was a learning journey, an experiment and a personal assessment at the same time.

Eike Oltmanns

Marketing and Communication Consultant

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