Value orientation

What does value orientation mean?

The present striving for the greatest possible profit (with the fear that investors and other stakeholders might lose interest) results in biased action (aimed at streamlining, optimisation and efficiency).

In the new work world, companies focus not only on financial value creation but also on cultural and social value creation. A visible and tangible corporate identity gives customers, employees and the outside world a clear answer to why this company exists. This creates an emotional bond.

Value orientation creates communities of like-minded employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. They are united by common ideals and values. As a result, inspiring co-creative work is created in which the potential of a company can unfold to its fullest.

Statements on this trend

Which of the following statements apply to your work environment? Think of concrete examples.

  • We know why we exist as a team or as an organization
  • We focus our daily activities on creating value for our customers and society
  • We contribute where we can make a difference with our core competencies
  • We act purposefully

What conclusions have you/they drawn for you here? Share it with the whole community! So we all learn together. This is also New Work!